Hello, I’m Thomas Rasshofer

Developer & Designer

Thomas Rasshofer


I’m an interdisciplinary developer with a penchant for design who loves to build things that delight people by combining technology with design and research. These are products and services that deliver unique value propositions, made in teams who harmonize like an orchestra, and make use of both latest advances and trending technologies as well as long-time proven solutions.

At the moment, I’m working as a principal engineer for SinnerSchrader (Accenture Interactive) on the intersection of consulting and software engineering, assisting global brands to design and develop cutting-edge digital products and services to solve business problems, improve processes, and introduce new products to market in a scalable, performant, observable, and secure manner.

In the evenings and on the weekends, I spend most of my time running a bunch of ventures I founded like Fapprik, websperts, Codesult, BuddyBuilders, Visionary Ventures, Gordon Capital, and Rasshofer GmbH resp. Rasshofer Ltd. as the pivotal holding companies. This allows me to actually do things instead of bragging about them, to improve constantly, to get out of my comfort zone, and to learn by taking risks.

Brands I’ve worked with

I never worked at Apple and Google but I’m renowned for using their products every day. Besides that I have a strong partnership with Spotify as I use it to listen to most of my music. Also, I’ve been recognized as one of the best Coca Cola drinkers and I really love to go for a spin in my Audi while still waiting anxiously for my Tesla to arrive.

But seriously: In the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with leading brands such as Telefónica/O₂, BMW, ADAC, and Allianz, to name a few. The mission has always stayed the same: to create great digital products together with great people and have fun along the way.